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Make Me Choose #4
oniichan-lets-rp asked: Kanbara Akihito or Nase Hiroomi


this year for halloween, mirai and akihito are going as kim possible and ron stoppable 


this year for halloween, mirai and akihito are going as kim possible and ron stoppable 



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(WIPSE TEARS im trying)

Bibliophile’s Den [Closed]


With a friendly smile, she waved her hand. She didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. She was just curious really. It was pretty rare for her to come across teenagers her age. She only knew Nagisa and a few others.

"What book are you reading?" She asks, leaning on her hand and gazing quietly at the blond. She posed no threat, in fact she seemed like a normal high school student.


     “Oh, well…” Honestly, Akihito didn’t expect for her to actually go ahead and initiate a conversation with him. Maybe she was simply bored and was looking for a way to pass the time, but he doesn’t really mind, since she seems pretty friendly so far.

     “It’s Paper Towns.” He quietly said, raising up the book so that he can show off it’s cover. “It’s by John Green. Pretty good, if you ask me.”


     “Are you fond of reading books?” He inquired of her in return, being polite as well. Might as well keep the conversation going if he can help in doing so.

23. What’s your take on AUs?


Oh man, AUs? Definitely love them. There’s like a ton of AUs I’m literally aching to have a thread about right now, and I’m open to literally any ideas about it. I find them pretty enjoyable, since you can kinda twist around your muse’s character and all which is pretty fun. Plus, it could help you discover more about their character too. On which I’m quite fond of.

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     Tiny hands intertwined with ones much more bigger than itself swung to and fro as both mother and son walked side by side, strolling through a park.

     They spend most of the day playing with each other, playing tag and hide and seek and other various games young children like him are quite fond of playing. Or when he doesn’t feel like it, they simply lay on the grass as he listens to another one of his mother’s epic tales of battling monsters and whatnot.

     And when the little one is exhausted, he and his mother decide to go and treat themselves with ice cream, his favorite flavor being cookies and cream. Since he’s a kid, he always ends up looking quite messy after his little treat.

     Once they arrive back home, Akihito would immediately settle in for a well-needed nap, after a loving ‘I love you’ and a kiss on the forehead.

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30. Arousal. Does it have anything to do with glasses B)

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