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[ Beyond Another World… Lies Another. ] CA Intro / Open

A pair of brown eyes slide open, immediately blinded by the seemingly bright walls painted white. He wrinkles his nose upon inhaling the scent of bleach and slowly sits up on the cool metal platform, the metal causing him to shiver along with the room’s temperature. As if that wasn’t cold enough, he’s already got goosebumps dotted all over his arms.  

This… was certainly not his school’s rooftop.

The throbbing headache in his head is making his mood even more unpleasant as it is, seeing as he has no idea where he is or how he even got here and the last thing he remember was


He had just recently reunited with the bespectacled beauty, Mirai Kuriyama.

Before he could think of anything else, the T.V suddenly switches on.

“Ah, is this on?”


It takes a moment for Akihito to take in all the information suddenly shoved at his very own face.

The first emotion he feels is immense frustration.

He’s waited months, clinging onto the very hope that Mirai will return to him one day. And she did, thankfully enough. Sadly their reunion was cut short, no thanks to this.

Some kind of reunion, that was.

While he’s busy moping, the very sight of a magazine catches his attention, immediately going over to retrieve it.

A magazine…? Wait.

Reading over the front cover reveals that it seems to be full of models, ones wearing glasses, that is.

Without a second thought, he flips it open, eager to see some bespectacled beauties help lift his mood at least… Until he realizes that the glasses have been cut out.


"Is this just some joke to them?!"

He yells, the half-youmu clearly upset by this.

Nevertheless, he decides to keep it anyways.

With a weary sigh, he heads out the door and towards the board, repeating the assigned apartment number to himself until he’s sure that he’s gotten it memorized. Those two names are unfamiliar, but it seems like he’ll have to try and get along with them if they’re living together under the same roof.

He’d be lying if he said that he wasn’t overwhelmed by the fast-paced city, bursting with life and full of ongoing activities at the moment. It was definitely different from life in the suburbs and in the province, that’s for sure.

But he’s gonna get used to it.

He takes a deep breath as he walks through the crowd, searching for a friendly face that could possibly help this lost soul. Eventually he approaches a random stranger, flashing a friendly smile.


"Excuse me, can I ask for some help?"

Application for Akihito Kanbara from Kyoukai no Kanata right here! His app can be found by the sidebar.


Welcome to the hive, glasses loving trash!

You will be housed in apartment n-6.

You will retain your enhanced regeneration at a fraction of it’s original potency. You will also be given a magazine filled with cute girls modeling glasses… though all of the glasses have been cut out. Oopsie!

Enjoy your stay!

-mod 『 』